Center for Professional Health

Dr. Spickard's Portrait Unveiling

May 21, 2010

(Left) Dr. Spickard and Dr. Dittus (Right) Dr. Spickard's portrait unveiling


(Left) A. Kaiser, Sue and Andy Spickard (Right) W. Swiggart, G. Manley & C. Dewey

(Left) K. Starr, G.Swiggart & D. Phillips (Right) Andy Spickard & Charles Bryan


(Left) Anderson Spickard, III (Right) Madeline and Howell Adams


(Left) Dr. and Mrs. Garriss (Right) B. Tichi, R. Neufeld, W.Swiggart & C.Dewey



(Left) Bill Swiggart & Colleen Conway-Welch (Right) Dr. Elam & Dr. Spickard


(Left) Mr.& Mrs. Swiggart

(Left) Diana Phillips (Right) G. Manley & C. Dewey

(Left) Dr. Spickard and Dr. Balser (Right) Dr. Spickard III, Dr. Balser & Dr. Elam

(Left) Dr. Spickard with his life-long friend Howel Adams

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