Center for Professional Health


About the Center

The Vanderbilt Center for Professional Health (CPH) was established in 1998. Our mission is to provide education and training to physicians and other healthcare professionals in the following areas:    
  • Providing educational tools regarding substance abuse, professionalism,  distressed/disruptive behaviors and improved patient safety.
  • Developing tools and programs to assist institutions and individual faculty/physicians within/outside of Vanderbilt with professionalism and professional health issues.
  • Broadening the role of the Center for Professional Health as a leader in the US and the world in understanding and conducting research in physician health behavior.
  • Coordinating programs and research with other groups engaged in similar programs and research efforts in physician behavioral health.

 Americans with Disabilities Act

It is the policy of Vanderbilt School of Medicine and the Center for Professional Health not to discriminate against any person on the basis of disabilities. If you feel you need services or auxiliary aids mentioned in this act in order to fully participate in this continuing education activity, please call the Center for Professional Health @ 615-936-0678.

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