Center for Professional Health

Distressed Physicians Assessment Resources

(For Disruptive Physicians) 

Pine Grove Professional Enhancement Program (PEP)
Alexis Polles, MD or Mark Ely
2255 Broadway Dr
Hattiesburg, MS 39402
(800) 301-6693

Vanderbilt Comprehensive Assessment Program for Professionals
A.J. Reid Finlayson, MD or Ron Neufeld
3rd Floor PHV
1601 23rd Ave., South
Nashville, TN 37212
615 322-4567

Sierra Tucson
Assessment and Diagnostic Program (ADP)
39580 S. Lago del Oro Parkway Tucson, AZ 85739
(800) 842-4487
Christi Cessna or Keith Arnold
Professional Renewal Center (PRC)
1201 Wakarusa, Suite E-200
Lawrence, KS 66049
(877) 978-4772
Kirsten Judd or Betsy White Williams
Talbott Recovery Campus (TRC)
Talbott Pathways Program
Lauren Smith or Nanci Stockwell
5448 Yorktown Dr
Atlanta, GA 30349
(800) 445-4232

Resurrection Behavioral Health-Addiction Services
Carl Malin
Director of Special Assessment Services
Resurrection Behavioral Health-Addiction Services
Multidisciplinary Assessment Program (MAP)
A 3-day process designed to assess complex behavioral problems,
conducted by a team including multiple disciplines and specialties
Chicago, Illinois
Comprehensive Assessment Program
Professionals At Risk Treatment Services

Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare
Glenn Siegel, MD
183 N. York Rd. Elmhurst, IL 60126
(630) 758-5110
Colorado Personalized Education for Physicians
14001 East Iliff Avenue, Suite 206 
Aurora, CO 80014
(303) 750-7150

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