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In Sunday's News Section of USA TODAY, "Disruptive Doctors Rattle Nurses, Increase Safety Risk" (USA Today, September 20, 2015) highlights the work we do with over 70 health systems in the United States through an interview with our Center's founder, Dr. Gerald Hickson.  Please review the USA TODAY Article Here and find out how we're striving to make medicine kinder, safer and more reliable.

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The Center for Patient and Professional Advocacy (CPPA) is an education and research center based at Vanderbilt University that supports professionalism as the foundation of safe, quality healthcare.  Since 2000 we have partnered with over 70 Healthcare Organizations to provide Data Tools and Effective Processes for promoting Professional Accountability.

Our proprietary PARS® (Patient Advocacy Reporting System) product uses our database of Over 25,000 National Healthcare Professionals along with evidence based processes to Promote Professionalism, Reduce Malpractice Risk and Increase Patient Satisfaction.


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The Center for Patient and Professional Advocacy announces an educational partnership with Cognitive Institute of Brisbane, Australia.

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