Department of Plastic Surgery

Resident & Fellow Policies

Plastic Surgery Library Policy

1. Library hours are 8:00AM- 4:30PM, Monday through Friday.
2. Faculty, residents, fellows, and others must check out books with Jammie Baber in the Plastic Surgery office.
3. There is a TV and VCR in the library for you to view the tapes.
4. A residency is an educational experience and not a training period. Education requires active participation; not just passive involvement in patient care. Reading and studying is an essential part of this experience.

Moonlighting Policy

The Department of Plastic Surgery adheres to Vanderbilt University and ACGME guidelines regarding moonlighting. This policy states that moonlighting by residents and fellows is forbidden without written consent of the Chief of Service. Violation of this policy is cause for instant dismissal.

On Call Policy

The Department of Plastic Surgery adheres to the requirements set forth by the ACGME and Vanderbilt University regarding resident on call duty hours.

Answering Service Calls at Baptist Hospital E.R.

The answering service will very often refer calls regarding a particular attending's patient to the resident on call. The resident should screen the call. If it is something that the resident feels comfortable handling, he should go ahead and do so (i.e. pain medication). If the resident has any questions regarding that call, he should contact the attending whose patient it is. If for some reason the attending is unavailable, he should then contact the attending who is on call.

Baptist Hospital Emergency Room Call

The resident on call will cover the University faculty in the Baptist Emergency Room. The calls will usually go to the attending directly and the attending will contact the resident and let him know that there is a patient in the Emergency Room at Baptist that he needs to see. If the resident receives the call first, they should evaluate the patient as they would for a patient at Vanderbilt. They should then contact the attending.

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