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Fluorescent Whole Slide Imaging - 10420 MRB IV

Ariol SL-200

The Apiro® Versa 200 platform from Leica specializes in digital imaging and analysis of tissue sections and tissue microarrays. The advantage of this system is that it offers consistent, standardized, and objective imaging and quantification of whole slides and microarrays. Its automated slide holder and robotic arm can manage up to 200 slides at a time, managing all aspects of imaging for you. The resulting images are very high resolution, and can be exported in a variety of file formats. The system’s software is able to detect tissue sections right on the slide and can automatically rescan them at higher magnification. The quantification software is trainable, and a number of the built-in assays are FDA approved. The Aperio Versa is able to image in 6 standard channels (Click here to view filter information)

UV:      DAPI / Hoechst / Alexa305
Green:      GFP / FITC / Cy2 / Alexa488
Red 1 (short):      mCherry / Cy3 / Alexa54
Red 2 (long):      Texas Red / Alexa59
Far Red:      Cy5 / Alexa647 / TOPRO / TOTO
Infra Red:      Cy7 / Alexa750

Service - New Lower Prices for FY2016!
Aperio Versa - 20X Fluorescent Scanning $22.00/slide
Aperio Versa - 40X Fluorescent Scanning $42.00/slide
Aperio Versa - 20X Fluorescent Tissue Micro Array (TMA) Scanning $64.00/slide

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     2213 Garland Ave.
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