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Principal Investigator :
P.I. Email : 
P.I. Phone: 
P.I. Affiliation :  
Contact Person (if not P.I.)
Contact Email :
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Center Number : 
Submission Date:  
Folder Name :  - (optional folder name):
                             **alphanumeric characters only**

Channels to be scanned:
BLUE: DAPI/UV GREEN: Cy2/Alexa488/FITC/GFP RED: Cy3/Alexa546/TRITC/RFP FAR RED: Cy5/Alexa647/TOPRO INFRA RED: Cy7/Alexa750/DyLight750/DiR

Slide Format:   Tissue Micro Array  Tissue Section, Cells, etc.
*Staining = DAPI, FITC, ALEXA-488, Cy3, etc.  


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