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Flow Cytometry Links

BD's Spectrum Viewer - See how fluorochromes spectrally overlap and how this impacts compensation

Invitrogen Spectrum Viewer - Another Spectrum Viewer including all the great dyes from Molecular Probes/Invitrogen

Invitrogen Intro to Flow Cytometry- A great tutorial of high quality video, everyone can learn something from this

Coulters New Flow Website-Free download of Practical Flow Cytometry book!- Thanks Beckman-Coulter for providing this great resource!

Current Protocols in Flow Cytometry - Vanderbilt Faculty/Staff/Students have full access through the Eskind Digital Library with valid VUnet ID and password

Biocompare - Search engine for reagents used in Flow Cytometry and almost everything else

Linscott's Directory-Another great search engine for reagent shopping

Cytographica- Fantastic scientific images and animations from Joseph Roland of Vanderbilt

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