Vanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy


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Jerry Buller, Specialty Pharmacy Program Director- 343-9078 (gerald.buller@vanderbilt.edu)

Tony Donoho, Clinical Pharmacist 936-6981 (tony.donoho@vanderbilt.edu)

Cori Nelson, Clinical Pharmacist  343-6593/ 322-3748 (cori.nelson@vanderbilt.edu)

Brandon Newman, Clinical Pharmacist 343-6587 (brandon.j.newman@vanderbilt.edu)

Tommy Meador, Clinical Pharmacist 936-4636 (tommy.meador@vanderbilt.edu)

Johnna Oleis, Hemophilia Pharmacist 936-1765 (johnna.oleis@vanderbilt.edu)

Rebecca Yoon, Clinical Pharmacist  999-6505 (rebecca.h.yoon@vanderbilt.edu)

Steve Burkes, Clinical Pharmacist 999-6491 (steve.burkes@vanderbilt.edu)

Paige Akers, Clinical Pharmacist 999-6504 (paige.s.akers@vanderbilt.edu)

Brooke Looney, Clinical Pharmacist 343-6587 (brooke.d.looney@vanderbilt.edu)

Rhonita Mitchell (rhonita.e.mitchell@vanderbilt.edu)

Megan Hames, Pharmacist (megan.l.hames@vanderbilt.edu)

Carson Lamb, Staff Pharmacist 322-1907 (carson.s.lamb@vanderbilt.edu)

Behnam Pouya, Staff Pharmacist (behnam.pouya@vanderbilt.edu)

Patient Care Specialists

Tara Curry- 343-8674 (tara.y.ragland@vanderbilt.edu)

Matt Fox- 343-7786 (matthew.d.fox@vanderbilt.edu)

Val Shelton- 343-1308 (valliene.kirby@vanderbilt.edu)

Kathleen Woody- 343-2407 (kathleen.woody@vanderbilt.edu)

Heather Russo- 343-3658 (heather.russo@vanderbilt.edu)

Bethany Conley 343-3658 (bethany.conley@vanderbilt.edu)

Alan Eatherly 343-7816 (alan.eatherly@vanderbilt.edu)

Alexandra List 875-1440 (alexandra.list@vanderbilt.edu)

Paula Tatum 343-2082 (paula.tatum@vanderbilt.edu)

Carrie Thorpe 875-1444 (carrie.a.thorpe@vanderbilt.edu)

For REFILLS please call (615) 875-0080 or our toll free number:

(866) 321-8664.

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