Office of Graduate Medical Education

Updating Personal Information

There are various entities with whom you must update your information.  The instructions to do this are below.

GME Office

  • For a name change: Bring a copy of your new Social Security card to the GME Office in 201 Light Hall.  We will make a copy to put in your file, and change your name in our database.
  • For other updates: Go to the House Staff Portal (https://gme.mc.vanderbilt.edu/GMEPortal/Login.aspx) and enter your updated information by clicking "Update Personal Info" and entering your new address, phone number, etc.

HR Office - There are several options to update HR information.

  • You can update your address and deposit information online at C2HR.  Alternately, you can fill out this Personal Information Change form and Direct Deposit form and return to HR.  With this form, you can update your name, marriage status, contact information, and direct deposit information.  To turn in this form:
    • Mail form to: Vanderbilt HR Processing, PMB #407718, 2301 Vanderbilt Place, Nashville, TN 37235-7718
    • Hand-Deliver form to: HR Processing, 975 Baker Building, Nashville, TN 37203
  • Family Status Change - For marriage, divorce, birth, and other qualifying events, you will need to submit a Family Status Change request.  Instructions: http://hr.vanderbilt.edu/benefits/fsc.php

PeopleFinder (the Vanderbilt online directory)

  • Log in to PeopleFinder at https://phonedirectory.vanderbilt.edu/cdb/index.jsp, and select "Personal Update" at the left.
  • You should not have GME Office contact information.  If you are currently a house officer, list your coordinator or department information.
  • If you list your pager number, make sure it is correct.
  • You may need to change your position to reflect the correct status.
  • If you are listed in the wrong department, look up the department you are now in, and contact the Directory Responsible Person and request that you be listed there (DRP info can be found in the beige box under the department information).


  • Change Email Address (if you get married and change your name, don't want your middle initial, etc.)
  • If there are any issues updating your email address or display name: make sure HR has been notified of the name change then go to http://www.vanderbilt.edu/accessvu/existing, click 'Enter PII', and update personal information. After information is updated send an email to it@vanderbilt.edu. In the email, explain that you just updated your PII and you now need to update your Display Name and Email address. 
  • Alumni email forwarding - Set up your alumni information and forwarding email address when you complete your training.  The [YOURNAME]@alumni.vanderbilt.edu will forward to any address forever.
  • When you complete your training at Vanderbilt, you have Vanderbilt email access for four months. 

House Staff Alumni

  • VUconnect - When you complete training at Vanderbilt, be sure to log into VUconnect and update your record and set up your alumni email address.

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