General Surgery Residency

New PGY1 Categorical Residents 2015-16



Gretchen Edwards 

   Vanderbilt University

  Education: Georgetown University--B.S. (Biology)


Eugene Gu
  Duke University

  Education:  Stanford University--B.S. (Biological Sciences)


Diane Haddad
   Boston University

   Education:  Ohio State University--B.S. (Molecular Genetics)


Jaleesa Jackson
  Johns Hopkins

   Education:  University of Florida, Gainesville--B.S.  (Chemistry)


Nicholas Parrish
   University of Pennsylvania

   Education:  Emory University--B.S. (Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology)

                         University of Pennsylvania--Ph.D. (Cell and Molecular Biology)


Monica Polcz
  Florida International University

   Education:  University of Florida, Gainesville--B.S. (Biochemistry)


Maren Shipe
   University of Washington

   Education:  Stanford University--B.A. (Human Biology and Anthropological Sciences)

                         University of Washington--M.P.H.


Tyler Zorn
   Florida State University

 Education:  Florida A&M University--B.S. (Construction Engineering Sciences and Technology)


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