Eugenia Gurevich Lab

Welcome to the Eugenia Gurevich lab

August 2010, Vanderbilt courtyard

We took this picture of the joined lab when we were saying “good bye” to our summer students, Dynora and Steffi (third from the left in the first row). I am in the second row (labeled “Eugenia”). You can barely see me, so I guess I am not as tall as I think I am. The members of my lab are all labeled, and if you want to know more about their background and research, please go to the “Lab members” page.


The unlabeled people belong to my husband’s lab. His name is Seva Gurevich, and he is standing next to me on the left. You can see him just fine, so he is as tall as he thinks he is. Although his lab is quite molecular, and some people even go so far as to purify proteins, we are still very friendly with them. On a day-to-day basis, we operate as one big, happy family, which provides variety in colors, shapes, sizes, and languages, not to mention research interests. We hold joint lab meetings, too. So, one day we might discuss the crystal structure of arrestin3 and the next day – the deficit in prefrontal cortex-dependent cognitive functions!


April 2012, Vanderbilt courtyard

This is a new photograph of the joined lab taken in spring of 2012. We decided it was time to update the picture. People come and go, move on, students graduate, new student join the labs.

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