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Preininger, Anita

Anita M. Preininger, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor
Department of  Pharmacology
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
RRB 444
2200 Pierce Avenue
Nashville, TN    37232

PhD, IGP/Pharmacology, Northwestern  University, 2003 (Evanston, IL)

Research Interests: 
GPCR signaling using biophysical approaches to study dynamics and function of G-protein activation.  In particular, we are interested in pursuing the role of myristoylation in receptor mediated G-protein activation, in an extension of earlier work suggesting the amino terminus may function as a myristoyl switch.

Preininger, AM, *Kaya, AI, Busenlehner, LS, Armstrong, RN and HE Hamm. Myristoylation alters conformation and dynamics of Galphai proteins. Biochemistry, 51:1911-24 (2012). *contributed equally

Van Eps, N, *Preininger, AM, Alexander, NS, Kaya, AI, Meier, SM, Meiler, J, Hamm HE and WL Hubbell. Interaction of a Galpha protein with an activated receptor opens the inter-domain interface. PNAS, 108; 9420-9424 (2011). *contributed equally

Kaya, AI, Thaker,TM, Preininger, AM, Iverson, TM, and HE Hamm. Efficient rhodopsin and transducin coupling depends on negatively-charged phospholipids. Biochemistry, 50: 3193-203 (2011).

Hamm, HE, Meier, SM, Liao, G, and AM Preininger*.  Trp fluorescence reveals an activation-dependent cation-pi intereaction in the Switch II region of Gai proteins.  Protein Science, 18:2326-2335 (2009). *Corresponding author.

*Holinstat, M, *Preininger, AM, Milne, SB,Hudson, WJ, Brown, HA and HE Hamm. Irreversible platelet activation requires PAR1-mediated signaling through phosphatidylinositol phosphates, Mol. Pharm,, 76: 30-313 (2009).  *Contributed equally to this work.
*Anita M. Preininger,  *Michael A. Funk, Scott M. Meier , William M. Oldham, Christopher A. Johnston, Suraj Adhikary, Adam Kimple, David P. Siderovski, Heidi E. Hamm and Tina M. Iverson, A helix dipole movement contributes to allosteric GDP release in Gαi1, Biochemistry, 48:2630 (2009).*Contributed equally to this work
Preininger, AM, Parello, J, Meier, SM, Liao, G and Hamm, HE. Receptor-mediated changes at the myristoylated amino terminus of Gai proteins, Biochemistry  47; 10281–10293 (2008).
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Blackmer, T., Larsen, E., Bartleson, C., Kowalchyk,  J., Yoon, E., Preininger, A.,Alford,  S., Hamm, H., Martin, T.  G-protein bg directly regulates SNARE protein  fusion machinery for secretory granule exocytosis, Nature NeuroscienceNature 8, 421-425, 2005.
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Preininger AM. Van Eps N. Yu NJ. Medkova  M. Hubbell WL. Hamm, HE. The myristoylated amino terminus of Galpha(i)(1) plays  a critical role in the structure and function of Galpha(i)(1) subunits in  solution. Biochemistry. 42(26):7931-41,  2003 Jul 8.


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