Immunology Core


What we can do for you

The Immunology Core provides a range of immune monitoring techniques and assays including:

  • Consultation on experimental and clinical trial design involving immune monitoring
  • Individual written protocol and budget preparation
  • Processing and storage of samples (Peripheral Blood, Serum, Plasma, etc.)
  • Protein Measurements - Multiplex 96-well plate based assays (Cytometric Bead Array and Meso Scale Discovery platforms)
  • Elispot Assays
  • Phenotypic analysis with flow cytometry
  • Multifunctional/Polychromatic flow cytometry (7-14 color)
  • Intracellular staining (cytokines, granzymes, phosphorylation, etc.)
  • Cell proliferation assays
  • Tetramer/pentamer staininng
  • Influenza HAI
  • Pertussis ELISA
  • Commercial ELISA
  • Data analysis, management and reporting
  • Generation and maintenance of viability and cell recovery data

Michael Rock, Ph.D.
Managing Director


615-322-4494 (Office)
615-322-3156 (Lab)

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