National Research Resource for
Imaging Mass Spectrometry
Advanced Technology for Tissue Biology

Education and Training

An important mission of the National Research Resource for Imaging Mass Spectrometry is to increase the availability of imaging mass spectrometry to the scientific community through educational programs. The Resource has established several routes for training individuals interested in applying this technology to their own research. Contact us to request additional information on training opportunities.

AIMS (Advanced Imaging Mass Spectrometry)

A short-course will be conducted by Resource faculty and staff. The curriculum includes 3.5 days of lectures and hands-on workshops focusing on the practical aspects of MALDI imaging.  Participants will get hands-on experience with many of the key elements, including sample sectioning, matrix application, image generation, and image processing.

Visiting Scholar Program

Individuals or small groups may benefit from on-site training (offered as time permits), spending 2-3 days or more in the Resource laboratories. This time is typically spent observing the imaging process and consulting with Resource staff about sample preparation and data processing. These are arranged on an individual basis.


Questions about specific aspects of Imaging Mass Spectrometry may also be submitted to the Resource for discussion. Please contact us to take advantage of this opportunity.

Tutorials & publications

Links to online tutorials and publications are provided to direct interested parties to information that might be helpful.

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