Informatics Perioperative Support

Manuals and Training.


ORMIS is a client server software package by GE, utilized for OR scheduling and billing. The perioperative support team provides ongoing training and support for this package. 


ORMIS - User Manuals

  • Available Times
  • Average Times
  • Doctor Preference Cards
  • OR Manager
  • OR Scheduler
  • Resource Catalog




VPIMS (Vanderbilt Perioperative Information Management System) VPIMS was developed by the Department of Anesthesiology at Vanderbilt to bring electronic charting and data analysis to surgical patient care. The system is designed to be a complete solution providing documentation and management tools for all care providers (nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists) throughout the entire care process from the initial preoperative visit in the surgical clinic through all phases of operative care.  In addition to providing for electronic documentation and information sharing, the system was developed to support billing, quality improvement, cost containment, and clinical research efforts. (Anesthesiology Website)

The perioperative support team provides critical update information and training at all levels and at all hours,  in support of this in-house-developed package.


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