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 The 2012-14 Clinical Neuroscience Scholars from VBI have been named!

Clinical Research

Check out ongoing Clinical Research Trials at Vanderbilt HERE.


Google Founder Sergey Brin's Quest to Increase Bioinformatic Processing of Neurodegenerative Disease Genes.  Excellent Wired article here.

If you're ready for a zombie apocalypse, then you're ready for any emergency.


Welcome to the McLaughlin Research Team Site

We have set up this site to help you see some of the work we are doing, meet members of our group, and learn about what we are excited about.

kd 2015

Kings Day 2015. Samara is rocking the skinny arm and Britney is our new Lab King. You look fabulous Britney!

Our team focuses on how the brain responds to stress in an effort to design safe and effective therapeutics for acute and chronic injury. Our group comes from a host of backgrounds with appointments in Neurology, Cardiology, Pharmacology, The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, Vanderbilt Brain Institute and the Monroe Carell Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt.  Feel free to explore the site and check back often as news, protocols and publications are being added.  Email us with any suggestions you might have!

2015 - Stroke in Nashvegas 

Welcome to Nashvegas all our stroke and AHA buddies! Find out more here

2014: We haz babies!

Amy says we can't tag and tail her, but she is so squishy and cute!! Labbies joined Scott and Amy Palubinsky in welcoming our newest lab baby....Abby born Feb 2014. 

HSP70 Diagram

Did you like the wee diagram at the top Britney made?  Check out some more of her fun art and pathway diagrams.

See Dr. McLaughlin's commenst in JAMA interview on the future of science funding froJan 2014 here 





2013: Onward and Upward!

As we escaped the Mayan predictions of doom, we can look forward to a great year of collaborations with clinical colleagues in the JB Marshall Lab, Neurology and Pharmacology.  Be sure to check back soon for PDFs of papers from Dr. McLaughlin, Kim Grelli and Britney Lizama Manibusan.  We've got three papers in proof stages on preconditioning, metabolic regulation and mitophagy.  


2012: Awards for Our Students, PAPERS, New Collaborators and The Bosses Typing Speed Increases from Grant Writing

Inspite of what the Mayans predicted, we did live to fight another year in 2012 which is a darn good thing because we've got 5 SIZZLING hot papers out and one that's sort of just okay (you'll have to read them to figure out which one is okay; check out the "Our Publications" tab).  Proud parent BethAnn "Boss" McLaughlin saw Amy Palubinsky snag top honors as a Senior Fellow of the Clinical Neurosciences program with a cash windfall of travel and computer scholarships.  We also snagged rookie brainiac Britney Lizama and graduated Lauren Koenig and Cozette Kale.  Cozette, Amy and Britney are busy gathering scads of data for the Society for Neuroscience meeting this fall in New Orleans.  The McLaughlin lab in New Orleans.  What could go wrong?


2011: Way too Much Food and Lots of New Friends!

Southern hospitality has given way to mind numbing and artery clogging excess as we gripped and grinned our way through a swamped spring of Neurology course work, outstanding outside speakers like Donna Ferriero, Yvonne Will and the defenses of our very own Jeannette Stankowski and our collaborative buddy Phil Gorrindo.  We opted to break up the monotony of Stony River with a summer trip to Monell's to welcome Kim Grelli's mom to Nashvegas.  Big happenings in the fall include the Stroke Retreat, Blood Brain Barrier consortium meeting, Neuroscience Retreat and grants and papers - oh my!  Tune in for more pubs including our latest from J. Neurochem by Brooks et al which is in press as we speak (or as you read....whatever).

2010 Reaps Big Rewards for 2011

We had a 'girl in the yellow jacket' kind of 2010 with runaway pubs from Jeannette, Stephanie, Amy and Erin.

Jeannette has her master method work "Assessing Protein Oxidative Damage in Neural Cells" coming in 2010/2011 in Neuromethods: Cell Culture Techniques.  But you can check it here.  She also has 2 papers coming out in Antioxidants and Redox Signaling.  Links coming soon!

Erin published the Cover Article New Approaches for Neuroprotection in Infant Heart Surgery for Pediatrics Research in July which you can get here.

Dr. Zeiger's ubber special work on preconditioning can be found in the chapter "Neuronal Culture Energetics and Viability."  This fall we will have forthcoming works in Autophagy from Amy Kleman and The Neuroscientist by Jake Martin on redox sensitive kinases and cell fate.  Be sure to check back for more details!

Submitting 2 Chapters, 1 Review, 4 Papers and 2 Abstracts in 3 Months Takes a Toll

After a hectic spring of interviews, talks, papers and meetings, Jeannette takes a break in the VUMC Time Out Chair.  Apparently, reflecting on her inner feelings is not her strength.  Splitting cells, doing biochemistry and writing papers, that's where the fun is.




2010 The Boys Come Back 

December and January have already brought all kinds of great things for the McLaughlin lab - every single post doc, grad student and RA submitted their own first author paper in the span of 6 weeks (whew!) and to top it off we were visited by alums Josh Brooks and Evan Cohen.  Josh and his argyle sweaters once again crushed the competition in Holiday Lab Trivia much to Stephanie's dismay.  


On Tuesday April 14th, we will be hosting a special seminar by Dr. Silvia Pasini on Role of hippocampal ATF4 in synaptic plasticity and memory formation. Dr Pasini is currently a post doctoral fellow at Columbia and is looking for career opportunities in Nashville and would welcome a chance to meet with interested teams. She can be contacted directly for appointments here


A January 2014 Article in the NYTimes claims campus is in denial about the impact of the felony sexual conviction of former members of the football team. Dr McLaughlin's Opinion piece in response can be found HERE




Are you having a bad day, peanut? No worries. Just go here and it will be okay. 


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It comes in all forms...wearing the right clothes, checking weather and knowing your risk in when Zombie Apocalypse hits.  Check your safety here. You're welcome.

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           Depolarized: verb, used with object. 1) To cause a reassembly of sharply divided in factions. 2) The new Vanderbilt Brain Institute Blog.

Dr. Silvia Pasini will be speaking 4/14/2015 at 3 pm in MRBIII. Find out more HERE.

the scientist

See Dr. McLaughlin's comment to Women in Science 2/2014

ripplesOur lab supports Gender and Racial Equality in Science. Read Dr. McLaughlin's The Scientist Post on Women's Issues and follow #RipplesofDoubt on Twitter.

Our paper "CHIP is an Essential Determinant of Mitochondrial Stress Signaling" is online now!  GET IT HERE.  Press release here.


BethAnn McLaughlin named Associate Editor for Journal of Neuroscience.

Britney Mannibusan and Amy Palubinsky both get AHA predoctoral fellowships!

 Brain on a Chip Funded!

The McLaughlin lab joins Vanderbilt colleagues in creating a one of a kind biofluidics platform for drug discovery.  Find out more here


Control Group


 Save  your cells!  Sign up for Vanderbilt's LabAlert to be notified of power/network outages.

We support the excellent position statement of the Society for Neuroscience on the ethical and humane use of animals in lifesaving medical research.  Find out more here

 Tennesseans - Demand your children get taught science and not religion, in science class. Read Roger Cone's OpEd here.

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