Grant Requests


Thanking for applying during the 2015 MCSAC grants cycle.  Over the years, MCSAC has funded incredible programs throughout VUMC to impact our patients and their caregivers and families lives.  We thank you for contributing to making Vanderbilt a great place to work.

The Medical Center Staff Advisory Council (MCSAC) accepts applications for grant funds raised during our annual craft fair and dessert sale. Fundraising proceeds are granted to areas within the Vanderbilt Community that benefit patients, Vanderbilt-affiliated community projects, faculty, and staff. MCSAC will receive applications beginning May1, 2015. 

The 2015 Grants Committee is chaired by Vicki Sander, vicki.sander@vanderbilt.eduVicki and the MCSAC grants team will receive, review, rank, and present recommendations for funding to the Council for approval. This is a time honored tradition and we appreciate Vicki and the MCSAC grants team's commitment to generate positive outcomes for everyone.  

Grant forms can be downloaded by

1) Clicking the above link "applications for grant funds"

2) Complete the application

3) Email the completed application to MCSAC@VANDERBILT.EDU

We constantly strive to improve upon the MCSAC grant process and we are open to your suggestions. Please feel free to email MCSAC VP at jennifer.m.ray@vanderbilt.edu with suggestions/feedback/concerns. 










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