Medical Center Staff Advisory Council
The purpose of the Medical Center Staff Advisory Council (MCSAC) is to serve as a forum for staff representatives in collaboration with senior leadership to address topics and concerns, exchange information and enhance employee satisfaction with the ultimate goal of contributing to Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s success. The MCSAC will conduct all business in alignment with and supportive of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Credo.
·         I make those I serve my highest priority.
·         I respect privacy and confidentiality.
·         I communicate effectively.
·         I conduct myself professionally.
·         I have a sense of ownership.
·         I am committee to my colleagues.
The MCSAC responsibilities include supporting activities related to making VUMC a great place to work. In this regard, the council has been charged to participate in various medical center committees that might impact:
·         Information sharing
·         Change and improvement
·         Community building
·         Job fulfillment
·         Recognition and engagement of staff
·         Safety and Wellness
·         Employee satisfaction
Note - senior leadership will review existing committees to determine where MCSAC members should participate.
·         Decisions are made by group consensus and made with council’s purpose in mind.
·         Senior administration will provide current, relative and timely information on matters involving MCSAC scope.
·         MCSAC will provide feedback to senior administration.
·         MCSAC representative will maintain confidentiality with all sensitive information that is shared with them in their committee roles.
·         MCSAC will not involve itself with trying to resolve work-related issues pertaining to individual employees. Employee with personal grievances or complaints should seek resolution through appropriate line management channels in accordance with HR policy.
Who is a member?
A member is a non-faculty, staff member appointed or elected to represent a designated area of VUMC. A member is expected to be engaged and actively participate in discussions and functions of MCSAC and gather/disseminate information with their constituent groups.
Time commitment of a member typically will not exceed three hours per month. This includes one full council meeting, one committee meeting and time to share information and solicit feedback from represented area.
Time spent on activities directly related to the purpose of the MCSAC and in the role of a member is considered work time and should be paid as such.
·         Attend MCSAC meeting of all representatives
·         Participate on at least one standing committee
·         Represent the area which selected to serve
·         Voice the concerns of one’s constituency of staff employees
·         Communicate MCSAC news, discussion and action back to constituency group.
Who is an officer?
The council will have four elected officer positions:
President - one year term
·         Presides at all meeting and enforces Charter
·         Chairs the Executive Leadership Meeting
·         Chairs the MCSAC Officers Meeting
·         Ensures the MCSAC is represented at various meetings and events on campus; appoints a member attend and follow up with council as needed.
·         Prepares and delivers a report to the Board of Trust on the council’s activities.
·         Receives all matters directed to the council from staff representative and discusses with executive committee.
Vice President/President Elect – one year term
·         Oversees all council committees – checks on status of work and provides help and support as needed.
·         Assists president on all roles as needed – in absence of president, will have all the powers and responsibility of the president.
·         Orients new council members
·         Reviews annually list of all campus committees to which membership is appointed and monitors for successful match. May reassign representatives if needed.
Secretary – two year term
·         Issues notices for all meetings, reserves room, ensures equipment is available
·         Records, distributes and maintains the minutes of the general, executive leadership, officers and MCSAC meetings.
·         Maintains accurate record of members, their attendance and committee appointments.
Treasurer – two year term
·         Creates, reviews, approves and keeps record of all council expenses
·         Maintains general ledger; handles all requests for distribution of funds
·         Provides a treasurer’s report as requested.
Ex-Officio and Non-voting members
·         The most current past president will serve a one year advisory term in the Officer’s Meeting.
·         Senior leadership will provide liaison to promote communication and facilitate meetings as needed.
·         Ex officio members may provide input, insight, and clarification; may respond to questions; and may otherwise participate in deliberations, but will not have voting privileges.
Executive Leadership Quarterly Meeting – update leadership on activities, concerns, issues of the council and seek areas for additional involvement.
·         Attended by MCSAC officers and
·         One council member at large
·         Vice Chancellor Health Affairs, CEO of VUH, VCH, TVC, Deans, Marketing Director, CHRO, ECNO – or their designees
·         Agenda is planned/prepared by MCSAC officers
MCSAC Officers Meeting – discuss agenda items for upcoming meeting and issues to address or forward. The purpose of the Officer’s Meeting is to provide collaborative leadership in conducting business of the council.
·         Attended by all officers and immediate past president.
·         Meet once per month, one week prior to council meeting
·         Secretary sets up meeting
·         President prepares agenda
·         Vice President has committee update from committee chairs
Medical Center Staff Advisory Council Meeting
·         Attended by all members, ex officio members and are open for all VUMC staff employees to attend
·         Meeting may range in format such as business, speaker, social or service meeting based on current need
·         Frequency and length of meetings will be determined by the MCSAC with goal of one per month and no longer than one to one-half hours
There will be four standing committees. All committees will have a chair and will report on current activities at each MCSAC meeting. Membership on committees is a one year term with no limit of serving consecutive terms. Each committee will set goals and report on progress annually. Additional ad hoc committees of the council may be formed as needed.
Staff Life Committee - This committee will be responsible for:
·         investigating issues of staff concern through such means as surveying the membership
·         researching issues of staff concern
·         prioritizing the issues of staff concern
·         recommending for the council’s consideration a specific course of action when
·         appropriate
Events Committee - This committee will be responsible for:
·         coordinating volunteers when requests are made for council participation
·         facilitating council sponsored activities such as the Needles and Pins, Employee Celebration,  etc.
Communication Committee: This committee will be responsible for:
·         gathering and publishing information to membership
·         maintaining list of current membership
·         maintaining web site
·         providing recommendations on improvements to communication
Rules/Administration Committee: This committee will be responsible for:
·         recommending changes to Charter as needed
·         overseeing selection of new members
·         ensuring that activities are procedurally consistent with Charter

Upcoming Events/Meetings

All meetings are held at 11:00am in the
Cigarran Conference Room
MCE South Tower 
Suite 4200, Room 4212

Please join us:

April 21, 2015

May 19, 2015

June 16, 2015

July 21, 2015

August 18, 2015

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