VUMC Parking & Transportation Services

Single Day Hangtags

Single Day Hangtags can be used for the following:

  • Visitors or Guests to the Medical Center
  • Faculty, physicians, staff
  • Event Parking

Hangtag Cost

All Day    1/2 Day

$7.50        $4.00

Location varies on Current Availability

Visitors or Guests
Hangtags are available in the VUMC Parking Permit Office and can be purchased with check, cash, credit card, 1180, or P-Card.

Departments can order these for their guests and visitors by emailing vumcparkingandtransportation@vanderbilt.edu.  It is the department’s responsibility to communicate to the person using the hangtag of their designated parking location.

When inviting someone to visit the Medical Center, please purchase a hangtag from the VUMC Permit Parking Office.  It is preferred to give the guest the hangtag prior to their visit

Faculty, Physicians, Staff
Off-site faculty, physicians or staff can purchase day passes for South Garage (Roof Level) or the N Lot at a discounted employee rate.

Event Parking
Special Event parking includes events such as conferences, symposiums, celebrations, classes, etc.

Parking, shuttle service or valet requests can be submitted by printing our Event form and faxing it to VUMC Parking & Transportation’s Permit Office.   Event forms can be found at http://www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/root/sbworddocs/parking/event_form.doc

Departmental Permits

  • Off-site clinics can purchase Departmental Permits which can be used by staff for periodic visits to the Medical Center.
  • Employees who are at the Medical Center 20 percent or more of the time are required to keep their Medical Center permit if moving off-site.

Contact Bethany Rosen @  Bethany.Rosen@Vanderbilt.edu for more information.


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