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What are the benefits to carpools?

Carpooling is an ideal cost saving arrangement for individuals who commute long distances to and from work each day, for individuals whom have limited access to public transit, and for individuals with few available transportation options.  

     Benefits include:

  • Less stress commuting to and from work
  • Financial savings due to shared commuting costs
  • Decreased personal vehicle maintenance and "wear and tear"
  • Increased free time for riders
  • Improved air quality resulting from fewer auto emissions
  • Reduced traffic congestion
  • Time saved by riding in HOV lanes

    Additional benefits of the "VMC Carpool Program":
  • Reduced parking expense by sharing the cost of one annual parking permit.  
  • Flexibility: when a carpooler needs to drive alone to work, he or she can purchase a "One Day Parking Permit" for $5.00.
  •  A ride-match  website:  http://www.VMCRideMatch.com

    Forming a Carpool



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