VUMC Parking & Transportation Services

Forming A Carpool


To Find a Match:
Register at http://www.VMCRideMatch.com.   This privacy protected website connection helps Vanderbilt employees "network" with co-workers living in the same area who are interested in forming a carpool or who would like to add riders to an existing carpool.

To Qualify for Discounted Parking:
Once a carpool group is formed, each participant should review the Carpool Agreement.  A copy of the Carpool Agreement must be printed, signed, and submitted to the Parking Permit Office, located on level G of the East Garage.  All members of your carpool are required to be present when registering.Please remember to have everyone bring their VU ID badge and your vehicle registration and current parking permit.

Carpool Process:

  • Payroll deductions will be done automatically to cover each person's share of the discounted parking permit.  VUMC will discount your parking by the number of carpool participants.
  • Your carpool's parking location will be determined by the members of the carpool. You may choose from any parking location currently held by one of the registered permit holders in your carpool.
  • When the need arises, carpool participants may  park for FREE at lot 127. Shuttle service is available from both lots. All carpool members are eligible to participate in the RTA's Emergency Ride Home Programs.  To participate in RTA's Emergency Ride Home Programs, carpool members must review the Policies and complete the Application.



Helpful Tips for planning a successful carpool.




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