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MCSE Online Registration Fee Schedule

MCSE provides the online credit authorization for your event for American Express, Discover Card, Visa and MasterCard. We collect funds on your behalf using secure online forms. Each month, MCSE uploads journal entries to Vanderbilt Finance for your receipts, reimbursement for authorization expenses and MCSE service fees.

MCSE Online Registration Services optionally include invoicing for payment by check. For a more detailed price list, click here.

Registration with Credit Card Authorization and Accounting
Fee Type Fee Amount Fee Occurrence
Setup $150 per event
Transaction $1 per registrant
Credit Authorization* 3.0%** amount of charges
Check $1 per check
Refund $15 per refund
Fee Schedule for Free Event RSVP Responses***
Standard RSVP Setup $100 per event
Transaction $0.50 per guest

* Credit authorization is an expense paid to the authorization service. MCSE is reimbursed.
** Authorization for most credit cards is billed at 2.5%. AMEX is billed at 4% based on history. The average overall is 3%.
*** Free events do not have accounting.

Security Statement
MCSE uses secure technologies and business processes when handing registration fee receipts. MCSE has a proven relationship with Vanderbilt Department of Finance. Documentation of our methods is on file at Medical Center Special Events. For details, you can reach Deborah Camacho by e-mail at Deborah.Camacho@Vanderbilt.edu or at 615-343-5150.


MCSE will reduce the credit card authorization fees starting with the October 2013 billing period! This is the second year in a row that MCSE has reduced these fees.

We base this change on the previous year actual fees from the credit card service. Most credit cards can be authorized for 2.5% which will save your department an average of $25 per event.

To make this offer, American Express (AMEX) will be charged 4% authorization fee, which is more consistent with actual expenses. Only 20% of authorizations are made to AMEX. You may request not to offer AMEX during your registration form setup.

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