Vanderbilt Medical Center Special Events

MCSE Standard Reports

As part of your online registration services, MCSE provides weekly registration reports and fee accounting. Between reports, you can refer to a real-time list of responses to your event. Confirmations are automatically sent to your registrants by e-mail.

Sample Reports

Registration Data File (once per event)
Registration Invoice (optional service)
Monthly Statement of Journal Entries

Fees will be processed by Vanderbilt Finance journal entries once each month. These journal entries will be prepared in one of the following ways.

  • Fee based events will receive their registration fees once each month with the associated expenses and administration fees starting with the first receipts. The registration form setup will be charged the first month.
  • Events without fees will be billed after the event in a single set of journal entries.

Fees are customarily calculated on Monday of the last full week of the month. This schedule is subject to change. Fees are calculated based on bank closing of the previous day. Each client is notified by statement including the journal entries made against the center number provided in the contract.


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