Vanderbilt Medical Center Special Events

MCSE Registration Only Discounts and Standard Features

Events can be very different. One Event is simple with a single function and the answers are either Accept or Regret. Another Event lasts several days, has many options, a companion guest has a different set of choices.

In order to provide a service that is priced fairly for our clients and at the same time is appropriate to the work required to provide the requested information, MCSE has determined the following guidelines for premium pricing and discounts.

Standard Event:
A standard Event has one form for registration. That one form has a combination of Function activities and Item choices of 25 or less. That can be 5 Functions and 5 choices on each function. It may also be 12 functions with the two choices each. It could be one function with 24 choices.
•For Events that are the same as one that has been setup previously, a $25 discount is available.
•For Clients that want to enter some registrants themselves for special pricing or convenience to their registrants, a Copy Form Fee can apply instead of the Additional Form Fee. The copied form must be essential the same as the original form. Additional Functions and Items will apply to the original form total.

MCSE will reduce the credit card authorization fees starting with the October 2013 billing period! This is the second year in a row that MCSE has reduced these fees.

We base this change on the previous year actual fees from the credit card service. Most credit cards can be authorized for 2.5% which will save your department an average of $25 per event.

To make this offer, American Express (AMEX) will be charged 4% authorization fee, which is more consistent with actual expenses. Only 20% of authorizations are made to AMEX. You may request not to offer AMEX during your registration form setup.

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