Vanderbilt Medical Center Special Events

Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What types of events does MCSE coordinate?

A: MCSE coordinates a wide variety of events including, but not limited to, receptions, dinners, retirement events, open houses, lectures, conferences, picnics, holiday parties, etc.

Q: What type of services does MCSE offer?

A: MCSE is a full service events office. We can help you with venue research and selection, caterer selection and menu planning, other vendor research and contracting, timelines, site plans for events, online registration and payment, nametag creation, attendance tracking, budgeting, all event accounting, graphic design, seating assignments, staffing, floral arrangements, and much more. We plan any size event, from small breakfast meetings to multi-day conferences.

Q: Can MCSE provide advice regarding menus, flowers/plants, linens, venues, etc.?

A: Yes.  Contact Trish Stapp at trish.stapp@vanderbilt.edu for assistance and/or guidance with your event inquiries.

Q: Can MCSE assist with transportation and parking needs for our event?

A: Yes. Simply contact your event planner should you desire assistance with transportation and parking needs for your event.

Q: Can MCSE assist with creating a budget for my event?  Or can MCSE plan/coordinate an event within my current budget?

A: Yes and yes. Consult with your assigned MCSE Event Planner regarding your event budget needs and/or concerns.

Q: Does MCSE retain a preferred vendor or caterer list?

A: MCSE does not; however, MCSE can provide recommendations based on your event needs and budget. Some venues (both on the Vanderbilt campus and other locations) keep their own list of preferred caterers and vendors.

Q: How much advance notice does MCSE need to coordinate/plan an event?

A: MCSE prefers at least a one month notice; however, we recognize that on occasion, events may arise that prevent such advance notice from occurring in which case you should contact MCSE as soon as possible for guidance and/or assistance.


Q: When and how will my center number be charged for event expenses incurred?

A: Typically, your center number will be charged on the monthly Journal Entry Upload to Finance following your event.  In this case, you will find the charges to your center number on your financial pull sheets once they are posted and released from Finance.  There are circumstances (i.e. outstanding vendor invoices, end of month event dates, etc.) that can impact whether or not your center number is charged on multiple month-end uploads to Finance or if your entire event expenses will be charged to your center number on a monthly upload other than the one following your event date. 

Q: Can an individual or entity outside of Vanderbilt pay for an event?

A: Per Vanderbilt’s Department of Finance, payment for event coordinated by MCSE must come from a Vanderbilt department. 

Q: How much does MCSE charge clients, in addition to event expenses, for its services?

A: MCSE charges a standard 15% administrative fee for events planned/coordinated by MCSE which is calculated based on your event’s total expenses.


Q: Does MCSE offer assistance with managing our event RSVPs if we have an event that MCSE is not coordinating?  Does MCSE offer assistance with managing our event RSVPs if we have an event that MCSE is coordinating?

A: Yes and yes.  See data procedures section of MCSE website for more information.

Q: Does MCSE offer services for web only events (events with online registration)?

A: Yes.  Please contact Deborah Camacho at Deborah.camacho@vanderbilt.edu for assistance and/or guidance with web only/online registration events.

Q: Can MCSE track dietary restrictions for our event attendees?

A: Yes.  See data procedures link for more information.


Q: What credit cards can be used for registration fees?
A: The following credit cards can be used for registration fees:

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

Q: Can our event registrants pay by check?

A: MCSE can allow payment later and send an invoice.  Checks should be directed to the MCSE office where they will be deposited and the accounting will be handled as with credit cards.

Q: How long does it take to have all credit card processing set up for our event?

A: MCSE requests one week to prepare your credit card processing form.  Depending on the current workload, MCSE may have it ready for testing sooner.

Q: Can we limit how many people can attend our event?

A: Yes, MCSE can set capacity in several ways.  Please contact Deborah Camacho at Deborah.camacho@vanderbilt.edu for assistance and/or guidance with this service.

Q: How often will we receive daily reports of attendance?
A: Attendance reports will be provided weekly to you from MCSE; however, between reports, you can check attendance via your real-time report link on the internet that MCSE will provide to you.

Q: Can someone register for my event who we did not invite?

A: While this is conceivable, that individual will not have access to the web forms with a web search.  The only way MCSE’s web forms can be accessed is from a provided link.  If there is a website with a link to the form that can be found through a web search, they can click on the link.

Q: Can every question for registrants be asked on one screen?

A: Registration is a three-step process. 1) Who is registering? 2) What functions will they attend? 3) How will they pay? In addition, there is a confirmation that is seen on the screen and is usually sent by e-mail as well.


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