Vanderbilt Medical Center Special Events

Mailing List Sources

Client Data: Department prepares mailing list

  • Staff of the client department assembles mailing data.
  • MCSE data professionals clean and validate mailing list.
  • MCSE produces mailing
  1. Design
  2. Print
  3. Send

Vanderbilt: Select from lists maintained by MCSE

  • Select from a variety of lists updated by MCSE.
  • Combine lists without duplication.
  • Merge with client department data as required.

Outsource: MCSE mailing list service

  • Provide department mailing list to MCSE.
  • MCSE imports and cleans department data.
  • MCSE applies mailing list tool National Change of Address (NCOA) to validate list.
  • Department notifies MCSE of staff changes.
  • Department request list from MCSE as needed.
  1. Labels
  2. Letter merges
  3. Spreadsheets

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