Vanderbilt Medical Center Special Events

National Change of Address (NCOA) Check for Moved

When sufficient turnaround time is allowed for a mailing list, MCSE can provide a check of the list against the USPS address database to find records of persons who have moved.  (National Chance Of Address or NCOA). This can be valuable in reducing undeliverable units of mail and forwarding which delays delivery. This service is applicable where the list is derived from sources such as list for the same event last year.

MCSE Maintained Lists

MCSE maintains several lists of Vanderbilt staff for ease of list generation that is consistently updated and reliable data. The purpose of these lists is to build a list from various sources without duplication of addresses and without recreating the list from scratch. Use of the special lists can provide a time saving step is included in the standard Event Planning fee. (See Getting Started.)

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