Vanderbilt Medical Center Special Events

Event Administration Process

Below you will find what to expect from an administrative standpoint when working with Medical Center Special Events (MCSE). We aim to make the event planning and billing process as smooth as possible. For any questions or to get started, please contact Trish Hayes.

  1. Your department contacts MCSE Director, Trish Hayes
    • Contact MCSE via phone, e-mail, or web-form
    • MCSE Director, Trish Hayes, assigns an event planner to your event
    • Administrative Manager, Natasha Johnson, assigns a data representative for  coordinating mailings and tracking RSVP's if needed
  2. Assigned Event Planner sends you an Event Authorization Form (EAF)
    • Your assigned event planner contacts you to discuss event details
    • The planner provides you with an EAF to fill out and return
    • The EAF should include the center number you want the event expenses to be charged to
  3. Event Planner works with you to coordinate all details of your event
    • The planner and his/her program assistant coordinate all details of your event including invitations, RSVP tracking, catering, decor, printed materials, etc.
    • The planning team is on-site to manage your event, maintain quality control, and ensure that your event runs smoothly
  4. MCSE bills you for event products and services + a 15% Fee
    • MCSE collects all invoices and bills your department's center number in a monthly journal entry upload to Finance
    • A 15% Administrative Fee is calculated based on the total event expenses incurred and added to your bill
    • MCSE sends you a copy of your event billing documentation
    • You receive a post-event survey via e-mail to complete and return so that we can collect your feedback

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