Vanderbilt Medical Center Special Events

Complex event online registration forms

* Additional Form Fee:
When an Event requires more than one registration form, a second setup fee applies. The second form also allows for a combination of 25 Function and activities as described in “Standard Event”. The additional form fee is less, because the graphics and basic web features will remain the same as the first form.
* Additional Functions and Items:
When one form is sufficient, but more Function activities or Item choices are required an Additional Choices Fee applies.
*Custom Style Sheets
Color on the web forms is determined by style sheets. MCSE customizes the top, right side and bottom of your form to suit your event graphics. However, if your department wants the basic colors of the form matched to your event, MCSE can provide a custom style sheet for $25. The style sheet can be reused.
*Custom Dictionary
Much of the text on your form can be edited to fit your event. However, certain areas features are labeled the same for all users of the system. These labels are stored in a dictionary. If your department requires complete control of the labeling on the screen, MCSE can customize your dictionary for $150. Your dictionary can be reused.
*Abstract Management
For conferences where abstracts are evaluated, our system has a feature to assist in the process. Once Abstract Management is setup, you and your staff can control the approval process. MCSE will setup Abstract Management for $100.

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