Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center

Cardiovascular Cost for Services - Industry-initiated research

Contact Center Director for costs of services.

Please call to discuss technical details or modifications of any planned procedures.  For example, echocardiography can also include a pharmacologic stress component, doppler measurements, etc.

Common Procedures (Arrange with Director)


Transmitter Implantation & Removal (blood pressure telemetry)


Pellet Implantation


Bladder Catheterization




Osmotic Pump Implant


Carotid Artery Implant


Myocardial Infarction


Carotid Injury Model


Aortic Constriction


Kidney Transplants

EKG - Telemetry

Tail-cuff Manometer

Arterial Blood Pressure

Echocardiography - Low Resolution

Echocardiography VEVO 2100

Direct Jugular Vein Injection

Tail-vein Injection





Special Procedures (Arrange with Director)









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