MSRC Mass Spectrometry Core Lab

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MSRC Mass Spectrometry Core Lab Personnel

Dr. David L. Hachey


(615) 343-8382

Dr. David L. Hachey is Professor of Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Chemistry at Vanderbilt University. His role within the Mass Spectrometry Research Center is Director of Proteomics and  Director of Mass Spectrometry. He received his doctorate in chemistry in 1972 and did postdoctoral work at the Argonne National Laboratory before joining the faculty at the University of Chicago and Argonne. In 1980 he joined Baylor College of Medicine, where he held a faculty appointment in pediatrics. He joined Vanderbilt in 1998. His primary research interests are in lipid, sterol and lipoprotein metabolism, the pharmacology of drugs affecting lipid metabolism, and mathematical modeling of complex physiologic systems using stable isotopic tracers. He has published 110 peer-reviewed papers in these areas.


Dr. Wade Calcutt


(615) 343-8601

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Julie Coleman


(615) 343-2700

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Jere L. Compton


(615) 343-8434

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Lamar E. Dixon


(615) 322-2094

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