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Delta V GC-C-IRMS Instrument Now Available

Dear Colleagues,

       The Mass Spectrometry Research Center and the Mass Spectrometry Core are pleased to announce the availability of a new instrument for high precision isotope ratio measurements by online Gas Chromatography-Combustion-Isotope Ratio MS (GC-C-IRMS). This instrument is made available via a partnership with a local diagnostic screening laboratory.  The Thermo Scientific Delta V plus instrument is able to achieve high precision (+/- 0.0002 Atom Percent) on as little as one nanomole of small organic molecules, such fatty acids, sterols and amino acids after separation by gas chromatography.  This instrument is useful for metabolic flux analysis of lipids, sterols and proteins. Attached is a review article that describes the principle of operation and some useful examples.

       If you anticipate having a need to do metabolic tracer studies with carbon-13 or nitrogen-15 and feel the GC-C-IRMS would be helpful to you, please contact me and I can provide further information on the instrument and advice on designing tracer studies.


David L. Hachey, PhD

1999 GC-C-IRMS Review (PDF)

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