MSRC Schey Lab

Spatially-Resolved Proteomics & Imaging Mass Spectrometry

The Schey lab has incorporated laser capture microdissection and imaging mass spectrometry into its arsenal of tools for spatially-resolved proteomics. We are developing methods for imaging lens crystallin proteins as well as for imaging integral membrane proteins. In a collaboration with Dr. Rosalie Crouch at the Medical University of South Carolina, we are imaging retinoid metabolites in retina tissue. Tissues that have been imaged in the Schey lab to date include: lens, retina, heart, brain, lung, kidney and whole shrimp.

Cover from Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, September 2009, showing an array of human lens crystallin images acquired by MALDI imaging mass spectrometry.

Collage of tissue images acquired in the Schey lab from various projects.

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