Meharry/Vanderbilt Asthma Disparities Center

Opportunities for Students and Investigators

Summer opportunities. The Meharry/Vanderbilt Center for Asthma Disparities is committed to the training of investigators and clinicians in the field of asthma and its disparities. The Center is currently accepting enquiries about paid summer positions for graduate, medical, high school and college students interested in participating in ongoing research projects. A stipend is available.


Current research opportunities include:

Database studies on asthma in pregnancy Dr. Hartert

Treatment and education of pregnant underserved asthmatics  - Dr. Cruz-Gervis

Asthma symptoms Dr. BeLue

Severe asthma in children Dr. Patel


Please contact the Disparities Center for more information at (615) 322-3412. 

  • Pilot research funds
  • Small amounts of money are available for researchers interested in pursuing pilot projects related to asthma disparities.
  • Lectures and Seminars on Asthma Disparities

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