Meharry/Vanderbilt Asthma Disparities Center

Training and Education

Training and Education in Asthma Disparities

Principal Investigators:  David Trochtenberg, M.D.

                                    James Sheller, M.D.

Specific Aims

  1. To enhance awareness of asthma disparities
  2. To provide research support for medical students at Meharry and Vanderbilt University to develop research skills relevant to the investigation of the causes and treatments of asthma disparities
  3. To provide training and mentorship in research techniques directed toward asthma disparities
  4. To expand the cadre of scientific investigators dedicated to research on asthma in minority populations


Training Program in Asthma Disparities


Principal Investigators:        Scott Trochtenberg, M.D.

                                          David Grandison, M.D., Ph.D

                                          James Sheller, M.D.


Students interested in learning research techniques into the causes of racial disparities in disease and their outcomes are invited to apply for summer positions in this training program. All of the summer projects will deal with an aspect of asthma, ranging from diagnosis, symptom perception, relationship to smoking and pregnancy, and various biochemical and physiological aspects of the disease. The summer program typically runs for seven weeks. Students receive a stipend for their efforts. Each student will have a faculty mentor to help them learn about asthma, as well as research techniques. There is a series of orientation lectures, and students will meet periodically to exchange ideas about their research projects. At the end of the program, each student (or team of students) will give a 10 to 15 minute PowerPoint summary of their research. The ideal applicant is in college or graduate school, or is in a special training program (such as respiratory therapy or nursing). Prior research experience is preferred, but not necessary. Each applicant will need to submit a curriculum vita and a brief essay explaining what they hope to gain by being a part of the asthma disparities project, as well as a description of their research interests. This summer training program promises to be an exciting introduction into the study of a very common disease that affects a disproportionate number of African Americans.

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