Why Choose Us

The volume of medical information available to physicians today is overwhelming.  Our diagnostic process empowers physicians to navigate the ever-evolving medical landscape and determine the right tests and right treatment every time.

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Omission of essential tests dropped 88%, ensuring you provide the most accurate prognosis and diagnosis, based on the latest findings.

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Designed by doctors for doctors—adult and pediatric oncologists and pathologists created it.


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91% of physicians said they were highly satisfied with their experiences.


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Expert hematologist pathologists are available 24/7 for follow-up questions—putting the resources and quality of Vanderbilt University Medical Center at your disposal.

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Unnecessary tests dropped—this process gives you the confidence of practicing evidence based medicine.


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Supported by Vanderbilt University Medical Center, not a commercial lab. Your patients—and your specimens—are important to us.


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Our clients report time savings of up to 15 minutes per patient—allowing you to spend more time with patients, not deciphering reports.

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We ensure your patients have the right tests and no more—saving them from paying for unnecessary tests.




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