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Harold Moses Jr, M.D.

Associate Professor of Neurology


Dr. Moses earned his undergraduate degree in Zoology from the University of North Carolina, graduating with honors in 1985. He received his medical degree from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine in 1993, and began his post-graduate training at the university as a medical intern in the Department of Internal Medicine. Moses then completed a residency at the Mayo Clinic in the Department of Neurology in 1997, and came to Vanderbilt University as a Neurology instructor/fellow. In 1999 Moses joined the faculty at Vanderbilt University as assistant professor of Neurology, and in 2011, he became associate professor. He also serves on the Clinical Services Committee for the Department of Neurology.


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Harold Moses, Jr., M.D.
Associate Professor of Neurology
Neuroimmunology Division

3810 Bedford Avenue
Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37215

Phone: 615-936-0060

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