Vanderbilt Department of Neurology


NeuroimmunologyThe Division of Neuroimmunology offers innovative clinical and research programs.
Physicians of the Neuroimmunology Division see patients with wide spectrum of  immune-mediated disorders of the central nervous system. These illnesses include, autoimmune encephalitis, paraneoplastic encephalitis,  vasculitis, isolated optic neuritis, transverse myelitis, neurosarcoidosis, Susac’s disease, CLIPPER’s syndrome, neuromyelitis optica (NMO) and multiple sclerosis. 
The Vanderbilt Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Center is recognized by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for its excellence in care for MS patients. 

The Division of Neuroimmunology encourages residents to rotate through the clinic. 
The Division also offers clinical and research fellowships for U.S. and non U.S. physicians non-physician scientists who are interested in pursuing careers in clinical therapeutics, basic science research and imaging as it pertains to multiple sclerosis and neuroimmunological diseases.

Francesca Bagnato, M.D, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 
Harold Moses, Jr., M.D., Associate Professor 
Siddharama Pawate, M.B., B.S., Assistant Professor 
Subramaniam Sriram, M.B., B.S., Professor, Director 
Songyi Yao, M.D, Research  Assistant Professor  

Clinical Fellows
NgocHanh Vu, M.D

Research Scientist 
Chandramohan Natarajan, Ph. D

Clinical Research Staff 
Judy King, CCRP
Jennifer Scott, R.N., MSCN

Administrative Staff 
Sandy Watkins
Angela Goldthreate

Referring Physicians and Patients

Vanderbilt Neuroimmunologists see patients five days a week, accepting patients by referral from other clinicians. They work closely with referring physicians to provide the optimum level of care to patients, and are diligent in relaying information back to the primary care physicians.
To refer a patient, please call (615)-936-0060.

Once an appointment is made, a staff member will inform the patient of the relevant materials to bring, the location of the Vanderbilt Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Center , parking and the likely duration of the visit.

For questions regarding clinical research protocols please call:
Jennifer Scott, R.N. – 615-322-4085
Judy King – 615-322-4322

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