Vanderbilt Department of Neurology

Department of Neurology Residents

The Vanderbilt Department of Neurology seeks to attract a diverse group of residents with the goal of excellence in education, patient care, and research. Recognizing that learning is an inherently communal experience, we expend great effort to create an environment rich in opportunity for professional interaction and collaboration, one that is characterized by compassion, trust, and respect.


2012-2016 Neurology Residents


Andry Picture


  James Andry, M.D.

  Univeristy of TX, SW






Goggins picture


  Brian Goggins, M.D.

  Indiana University





Johnson picture


  Emily Johnson, M.D.

  Wayne State





Kleinholtz picture


  Patricia Kleinholz, M.D.

  University of Kansas





Ly picture


  Amy Ly, M.D.

  University of Alabama





Tedford picture


  Mark Tedford, M.D.

  Univeristy of Cincinati





2013-2017 Neurology Residents


Bradshaw picture 

  Michael Bradshaw, M.D.

  Mayo Medical School



Khalid picture


  Ehtesham Khalid, M.B., B.S.

  Nishtar Medical College



Mcdonald picture 

  Stephen McDonald, M.D.  

  University of Oklahoma



Patrylo picture


  Morgan Patrylo, M.D.

  University of Virginia



Trainer photo


  Robert Trainor, M.D.

  Louisiana State University



Nagy photo

  Adam Nagy, M.D.

  Indiana University





2014-2018 Neurology Residents


  Pouya Ameli, M.D.

  University of Central Florida College of Medicine


  William Eckhart, M.D.

  University of Texas Medical School at Houston


  Andrew Giritharan, M.D.

  University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine


  Kyle Grubbs, M.D.

  University of Toledo College of Medicine


  Uzo Ugochukwu, M.D.

  Vanderbilt University School of Medicine


  Kisha Young, M.D., Ph.D.

  University of Virginia


2015-2019 Neurology Residents


  Hugh Cahill, M.D., Ph.D.

  Marshall University School of Medicine


  Wayneho Kam, M.D.

  Thomas Jefferson University Medical College


  Katie Morone, M.D.

  Vanderbilt University School of Medicine


  Abimbola Sunmonu, M.D., Ph.D.

  University of Conneticut School of Medicine


  Stephanie Taylor, M.D.

  Marshall University School of Medicine


  Derek Wood, M.D.

  Wayne State University School of Medicine

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