Vanderbilt Department of Neurology

Child Neurology Residency Program


Thank you for your interest in the Child Neurology Residency training program at Vanderbilt!


For the upcoming 2014 Match, we are offering three categorical positions, to begin in July 2014.  Please note that the categorical positions include two years of Pediatrics training, followed by three years of Child Neurology training (which would include the currently required one year of adult neurology training). Candidates need apply to only one program for all 5 years of training. ID: 1854721042


In addition,  given the increase in our program size to 3 Child Neurology residents per year, we are also offering two Reserved positions this year. Due to the recent implementation of the "All-In" policy of ACGME, these positions can not be offered outside of the match. Therefore, candidates interested in starting Child Neurology residency training in July 2014 (have already done or in the process of completing Pediatric training) need to apply by the Fall of 2013 for the 2014 Match. Advanced positions are no longer being offered by our Program.


Additional information regarding our program can be found through the links located on the left side of this screen, and also here through the Children's Hospital website.


Please contact Dr. Kevin Ess, the Child Neurology Program director (kevin.ess@vanderbilt.edu), Dr. Lori Jordan the Child Neurology Associate Program director (lori.jordan@vanderbilt.edu), or Amanda Kirk, Program Coordinator (amanda.kirk@vanderbilt.edu 615-936-2026) for more information.

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