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Shared Equipment

The Vanderbilt Brain Institute provides a variety of frequently used equipment for use by Investigators and their labs on the 6th, 7th and 8th floors of MRB III.

The list and locations of the equipment is an older version.  The updated version will be coming soon!


Common Use Equipment

  • Glassware washers & autoclaves
  • Ice machines
  • LN2 and Dry Ice
  • Tri-Carb
  • TopCount
  • FlexStation
  • Microscopy, including confocal (see Neural Cell Imaging pages for details)
  • AlphaImager
  • Ultracentrifuge and rotors
  • RC5C+ high speed centrifuge with rotors
  • Micro Ultra centrifuge
  • SmartSpec 3000
  • Nanodrop
  • 37 degree incubators (cabinet and shaker)
  • 30 degree incubators (cabinet and shaker)
  • Lyophilizer
  • Plate Reader


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