Department of Neurological Surgery

Neurosurgery Clerkship

Neurosurgery Clerkships for Fourth Year Medical Students

The Department of Neurological Surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center offers a clinical elective that is open to enrolled fourth year medical students in good academic standing at any U.S. medical school. Elective rotations are four weeks in length.

Arrangements are to be made through the Office of Student Records by submission of a Visiting Student Application at least 8 weeks in advance of requested clerkship.

Vanderbilt University will be using VSAS, the new Visiting Student Application Service, to receive visiting student applications. To apply to Vanderbilt University School of Medicine please complete and send your VSAS application for your preferred elective (Neurological Surgery, 517-5620) and dates. Approved visiting students must adhere to the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine 4th Year Academic Calendar.   You must upload your picture, CV, and transcript for your VSAS application to be complete.  We will begin accepting applications on April 1st.

For more information on VSAS, please see www.aamc.org/vsas, or contact vsas@aamc.org.

All accepted students are required to participate in an orientation with the Office of Student Records on the first day of your rotation.

NOTECompletion of a Visiting Sub-I is not required to match in our program. Many of our current residents did not complete a visiting elective rotation with us. Although we will give your application every consideration, completion of a visiting Sub-I does not automatically lead to an interview. Thank you for your interest in our program.

Students wishing more information about this program should contact:

Sonja C. Vientos, Registrar
Phone: (615)322-5894
303 Light Hall
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Nashville, TN 37232-0248

Pamela Lane is the Department Education Specialist for Neurosurgery and will facilitate the externship program once the application is received from the Medical School. She may be contacted via telephone at 615-343-2452, or by e-mail at pamela.lane@vanderbilt.edu.

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