Department of Neurological Surgery

Heather M. Kistka, MD

kHEATHER M. KISTKA, MD, was born and raised in Green Bay, WI. She attended Dartmouth College and graduated summa cum laude with a degree in in Psychological and Brain Sciences in 2004. She spent the following year studying functional MRI changes in patients with early-onset Alzheimer's disease before enrolling the University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine.  Her time in medical school fostered her interest in the brain and neuroscience and she began her residency in Neurosurgery at Vanderbilt in 2009.  She has been involved in a number of clinical research projects as a part of her neurosurgical oncology infolded fellowship and plans to finish her training in 2016. 

In her free time Heather enjoys yoga, exploring Nashville with her husband, and watching the Packers.


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