Nurse Residency Program (New Grads)

Pediatric Track

About the Pediatric Track

The Pediatric Nurse Residency track of the Nurse Residency Program is for new nursing graduates that are seeking to specialize in the care of the pediatric patient.  The program is designed to nurture the new graduate RN in the transition from student to professional RN and provides the new RN with the specific tools and experiences needed to begin a successful career in Pediatric Nursing.  Once hired into the program as a full time employee, your first weeks will be spent in a combination of classroom and clinical rotations that will allow you to experience a full gamut of Pediatric Nursing.

Clinical Rotations in the Pediatric Track

Rotational clinical experiences in each of the pediatric units are designed to give the new graduate exposure to the patient demographic, unit environment and healthcare professional team in each area.

Experience in all clinical settings will be had before selecting the “best fit” for the graduate nurse.  The nurse resident will rotate through each area of a specified track. Specialty preferences are decided after selected to the Pediatric Track of the Nurse Residency program.

These Pediatric Specialty experiences include:

Pediatric Medicine and Surgical:
•  Medicine
•  Surgery
•  Hematology/Oncology
•  Cardiology

Pediatric Critical Care:
•  Emergency Department
•  Neonatal Intensive Care
•  Pediatric Critical Care Unit (PCCU)
•  Holding and Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)

Matching to a Home Unit in Pediatrics

There will be a process to match the nurse resident to an available position in a pediatric clinical area which is a good fit in terms of interests and talent.  During the next phase, you will experience a focused orientation to the designated clinical area and will continue with unit based preceptors.

Support is a key element in strengthening self-assurance.  Throughout the entire first year of practice, there will be periodic classroom sessions that will focus on issues pertinent to the development of your practice, skills and professional transition.

Nurse Residency Program Eligibility and Application Deadlines

• Graduate Nurse
• Professional RN with less than 6 months professional nursing experience at time
  of application.

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