Nurse Residency Program (New Grads)

Changes in Hiring Criteria for the Nurse Residency Program

Beginning with the Winter 2013 Nurse Residency Cohort, candidates will be required to have at least a BSN to be eligible to apply.

Q:  Why are we going to hire only new graduates with BSN preparation?
A:  There are recommendations from both the Magnet Commission and the Institute of Medicine/Future of Nursing with target goals to increase the percentage of BSN prepared staff at the bedside. One of the ways that we can move toward meeting those goals is to begin hiring all new graduates with a minimum of a BSN preparation. Another strategy is to support existing staff to earn their BSN or MSN through the Nursing Tuition Benefit.

Q: What about current staff enrolled in ADN /ASN programs?
Current staff hired before October 1, 2011 and enrolled in an ADN or ASN program (before April 30, 2012) will be eligible to apply for the Nurse Residency Program. They must complete their course of study by June 30, 2014 to be eligible. All candidates must graduate with a BSN or MSN to apply to the VUMC Nurse Residency Program.

Q: Does this affect other nurses (experienced nurses) applying for positions at Vanderbilt?
No, this change in hiring criteria is only for the Nurse Residency Program and does not impact the eligibility requirements for experienced nurses applying for positions at Vanderbilt.

Q: Is there an effect on current Vanderbilt RN’s who do not have a BSN?
No, current Vanderbilt RN’s without a BSN are not affected by this change in the NRP eligibility requirements.


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