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For more information about the 2013 Partners in Health @ VUMC campaign, please contact the Office of Medical Annual Giving.

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The Canby Robinson Society honors and encourages those who provide financial support at the donor society level for the education, research and patient care programs in any area of Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Those giving at this level to the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing are also recognized by the Julia Hereford Society, and those who make gifts at this level to the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center are recognized by the Nicholas Hobbs Society.


Feel free to contact us at partnersinhealth@vanderbilt.edu with any other questions. Thank you for supporting Partners in Health.

What is Partners in Health?

An internal faculty and staff campaign for the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. 

Medical and nursing faculty and staff give generously to support the areas about which they are most passionate. They have a personal stake in the financial health of Vanderbilt.

Philanthropic support of the Medical Center provides a critical bridge between established programs and bold new ideas.  Philanthropy allows for the introduction of new and innovative ideas in prevention and treatment.

How is Partners in Health different from the Community Giving and Faculty-Staff campaigns?

Partners in Health is the internal giving campaign at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. All gifts from faculty and staff directly benefit the work of the Medical Center.

The Community Giving Campaign provides Vanderbilt faculty and staff the opportunity to give to the community at large.

The Faculty-Staff Campaign gives university central faculty and staff the opportunity to contribute to Vanderbilt by making a gift to a designated school, program or organization.

The campaigns are alike in that just as you can designate which external Community Giving agency will receive your gift—you can designate which school, department, area or program of Vanderbilt University Medical Center or Vanderbilt University will receive your gift.  Donors can give to multiple areas of interest. Vanderbilt faculty and staff from all parts of the university make gifts in support of the Medical Center during the Partners In Health and Faculty-Staff campaigns.0

Why should I give through Partners In Health?

As a nonprofit institution, Vanderbilt relies on charitable gifts to help support the work and research of the Medical Center.

A gift to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center is visible evidence of your support of and participation in the work of the Medical Center and is a gift to the profession where you continue to make an impact.

Your gift is encouragement to corporations, foundations and other funding sources because they often ask, "What are faculty and staff giving back to the institution?" When they see the investment made by faculty and staff, they are willing to make additional gifts that have a notable impact on the patients, students, community and others who benefit from the work of the Medical Center.

Can I join a donor society through Partners in Health?

Yes! Qualifying gifts for membership in the Canby Robinson Society, the Julia Hereford Society, or the Nicholas Hobbs Society can be made through Partners in Health. Any annual gift of $2,500 or more to the Medical Center qualifies the donor for membership in a donor society. We encourage you to become a member by making a payroll deduction of $208.34 per month for a year. As with all gifts, donor society-level gifts may be designated to support your area of greatest interest.

What if I've already given to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center this year?

All gifts made between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013, count toward the 2013 campaign and will be included in our campaign participation and fundraising totals. We welcome your additional support!

How can I make my gift through Partners in Health?

There are four easy ways to make a gift:

*Use the Partners in Health reply form. Complete the form and return by June 30, 2013, to receive your tax deductible credit. If you have any questions about completing the form, call the Office of Medical Annual Giving at (615) 343-7531 or email.


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