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For more information about the 2013 Partners in Health @ VUMC campaign, please contact the Office of Medical Annual Giving.

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The Canby Robinson Society honors and encourages those who provide financial support at the donor society level for the education, research and patient care programs in any area of Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Those giving at this level to the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing are also recognized by the Julia Hereford Society, and those who make gifts at this level to the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center are recognized by the Nicholas Hobbs Society.

Why Give?

We have so many accomplishments to celebrate at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Because of this strength, we are an organization with the ability and willingness to positively impact the world around us like few others. Giving to the Medical Center shows further support of the work we do here every day. It is a testament of your commitment to your profession and our mission.

Read about how your colleagues have made an impact on the Medical Center by giving to Partners in Health.


  Cone Rewards Vanderbilt Sports Medicine for Excellent Care

Roger Cone, Ph.D., was on a family vacation in March whenever he injured his knee in a skiing accident—severely enough for surgery involving reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Upon returning to Nashville, he made an appointment with Dr. Kurt Spindler at Vanderbilt and underwent an operation that had him back on his feet in record time.

The team at Vanderbilt Sports Medicine performs hundreds of these operations each year, and Spindler is funded by the NIH to study outcomes, so each patient can receive the optimal procedure for their situation. While many patients are on crutches for weeks following an ACL repair, Cone was walking in two days.  He was so grateful for the state-of-the-art surgery and physical therapy at Vanderbilt that his gift to this year’s Partners in Health campaign was designated to Vanderbilt Sports Medicine.


  Indigent Pharmacy Earns Partners in Health Support

The man without insurance who takes 20 medications a day…
The woman with heart failure and hypertension whose cardiomyopathy resolved once she was consistently provided with medication…
The elderly patient who can’t afford the co-pays for her 16 medications…

These patients were the motivation behind Melissa Smith’s Partners in Health gift to the indigent pharmacy during the 2010 campaign.

Melissa is a Nurse Practitioner and faculty member in the School of Nursing—a Vanderbilt employee for 18 years. She uses the indigent pharmacy about 4-8 times per month and sees first-hand the impact for her patients.

“Patients are very grateful and humbled that we are able to provide this for them.” She chose to make her gift to the pharmacy because it has greatly improved the compliance and survival of her patients.


  Radiology Pays Tribute with Holiday Giving

Faculty members in the radiology department partnered to make gifts to the pediatric cystic fibrosis fund in December to honor a colleague whose son was recently diagnosed and has received care at Children’s Hospital. They saw how pleased the family was with the care provided that they contributed the value of their traditional holiday gifts for each other to this fund. They truly partnered to make a difference at the Medical Center.


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Investing in the work of our Medical Center truly has a visible impact on the global community and serves as an example for those in the communities we serve. As internal support builds, we foster a cycle of giving that promotes Vanderbilt University Medical Center as an instrument of innovation, change, growth and discovery—one putting philanthropic dollars to good use through the researchers, nurses, physicians and staff within our walls.

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