Peebles Lab

Research Summary


The Peebles lab investigates respiratory syncytial virus, allergic lung inflammation, and the interaction of these two important causes of lung disease. Marty Moore, PhD studies the genetics determinants of RSV that result in airway mucus and obstruction. In his work, Marty is focusing on how RSV strains modulate host production of IL-13 and differential airway mucus expression. In addition, Marty is examining the mechanisms by which STAT1 regulates inflammatory cell production of IL-4 as a consequence of RSV infection. Michael Chi, a Vanderbilt Biomedical Engineering senior undergraduate is assisting Marty in these projects. Weisong Zhou, PhD examines the mechanisms by which eicosanoids regulate allergic airway inflammation. Specifically, Weisong is focusing on how PGI2 regulates STAT6 independent pathways in the development of pulmonary allergic responses. Weisong is also investigating how PGI2 regulates other lung diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis and modulates T cell responses in the lung. Dawn Newcomb, PhD is examining the interaction of allergic airway inflammation and RSV infection of lung IL-17 expression. In this project, Dawn also studies the impact of allergic airway inflammation on Type I interferon production following RSV infection. She is also investigating Th2 cytokine modulation of Th17 development. Kasia Goleniewska, MS, is a Senior Research Specialist and has been holding the Peebles lab together for 10 years.  Kasia provides critical support to all the projects in this laboratory. 

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