VUMC Perfusion Program

Tuition and Fees

Federal Title IV Stafford, Unsubsidized and GradPlus loans are available for eligible students of the VUMC Perfusion Program. More information can be obtained by visiting the Programs in Allied Health Financial Aid website.

$75 non-refundable (payable to Vanderbilt University Medical Center).

A $250 non-refundable deposit fee will be required at the time of program acceptance. 

Tuition for the twenty-two month course is $34,000 - with $8,500 due in August of the year entering. Three additional payments of $8,500 will be spread consecutively throughout the program.

Students will be required to purchase textbooks from a list provided during program orientation. The estimated cost for books and supplies is ~$1,400

All Allied Health Students are required to be covered by health insurance during their training. Students should seek private healthcare insurance options, or enroll via the government healthcare exchanges.

Students are responsible for transportation costs, housing, meals and any expenses incurred for professional meetings.  Estimated expenses have been established by the financial aid office as reasonable costs for attending Vanderbilt University Medical Center Programs in Allied Health (based on 2015/16 academic year).  NOTE:  Expenses may be reduced by sharing costs of housing, utilities and transportation with another student.

Tuition $34,000
Deposit Fee $250
Supply Fee $800
Activity Fee $1,650
Loan Origination Fees $2,355
Books and Supplies $1,400
Rent and Utilities $21,230
Food/Clothing/Personal $9,900
Transportation $8,800
Medical/Dental Expenses $4,400
Miscellaneous $3,300
TOTAL $88,085

 Please note: the tuition and fees listed above are subject to change without notice.

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